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Solar's Smart was founded by Mark Miller who has been captivated by Solar Energy ever since he studied the outstanding passive solar design principles at Montezuma's Castle, built by the Sinagua Indians in the Central Arizona Highlands. He has focused on the designing and building Passive Solar Homes as a General Contractor, using passive design principles and solar gain to naturally heat the thermal mass within a home to provide a comfortable, naturally heated living space from the sun. Now, with the advent of Grid Parity based on the new solar economics and SDGE's Relentless Rate Increases his firm is providing cost effective solutions to transform their homes into energy producers & converting an essential expense into a retirement savings account with > 10% Return. 

After mastering the details and nuances of ground mount systems on the large utility scale farms the firm transitioned to the residential roof top & residential ground mount systems where they have provided solar subcontracting services for a local roofing and solar company where they designed systems, trained staff,  built solar generationsystems and provided customer orientation and commissioning services for over 150 residential systems in San Diego County. The firm currently provides solar system designs for other San Diego solar contractors as well as the firms own customers.

​In 2014, the firm changed its name from from M3 Design Build to " Solar's Smart " which reflected the firm's full time focus on Solar energy generation systems as well as 'Net-Zero' residential structures that use Solar PV Modules, passive solar design principles and advanced building envelope designs with thermal mass elements to achieve self sustaining homes that use zero or near zero energy from the grid, while providing a safe, comfortable home that provides all of its own energy in a timeless design that is site design driven.

Mr Miller is a Certified NABCEP Professional Installer (North American Board Certified Energy Practitioner), which is the gold standard of professional solar energy certification levels. He is a member of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES). In addition, his firm is licensed by the State of California contractors state license board (CSLB) as a General Contractor; B1 as well as a Solar Specialty; C46, ​click here to check CSLB License # 884060. 

Solar's Smart has the technical expertise required to skillfully design and build over 150 solar energy generation systems in the past 2 years. The firm has a NABCEP Pro Installer on staff as well as a former supervisor for the #1 Arizona Solar electrical contractor: Wilson Electric, who installed over 150,000 solar panels for Utility-Scale ground mount systems by SunEdison for Arizona Public Service. Their experience spans > 25 Million Watts of generation facilities where they installed tracking ground mount systems, tested all phases & commissioned the facilities and turned them over to APS for inclusion into their renewables portfolio.Type your paragraph here.

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Solar's Smart is proud to have a NABCEP Certified Professional Installer On Staff